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A sensational photography collection shot in vintage style,
inspired by the ’50, that recreates the essence of this iconic era with incredible authenticity,
thanks to the special use of the irreplaceable film

On the cover Ilaria Zoppo, shot on July 31st 2018 using Kodak PORTRA 160/135.
Cover directed and designed by Alessio Blue.
Hairstyle by Stefania Marongiu
Make-up by Ilaria Zoppo.
Assistants: Nicolò Piras and Giulia Zuddas.

Paper book: width 21cm x height 28cm, 26 pages.
Digital book: N/A.

Paper book: August 29th, 2018
Digital book: December 31st, 2018

Thanks to:
Ilaria, Micol, Alba, Martina, Nicolò, Giulia.

Edizione Italiana

Copyright disclaimer:
All rights reserved, Copyright 2018 Alessio Blue.
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